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At Qfinity Labs, we are committed to develop the greatest Quantum Algorithms for our clients and business partners.

More about Quantum Computing

We experience the benefits of classical computing every day. However, there are challenges that today’s systems will never be able to solve. For problems above a certain size and complexity, we don’t have enough computational power on Earth to tackle them.

To stand a chance at solving some of these problems, we need a new kind of computing. Universal quantum computers leverage the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to create states that scale exponentially with number of qubits, or quantum bits.

Qubits - From 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions

All computing systems rely on a fundamental ability to store and manipulate information. Current computers manipulate individual bits, which store information as binary 0 and 1 states. Quantum computers leverage quantum mechanical phenomena to manipulate information. To do this, they rely on quantum bits, or qubits.

Here, learn about the quantum properties leveraged by qubits, how they’re used to compute, and how quantum systems scale.

Scalable Quantum Systems

At the heart of our Quantum System is the transmon qubit. Successive generations of our Quantum processors have demonstrated the potential of superconducting transmon qubits as the basis for electrically controlled solid-state quantum computers. With a scalable approach to chip architecture and research into error correction and mitigation, Qfinity Labs is at the forefront of developing systems with which gives us an edge in real world applications.