Quantum Cryptography Researcher

March 22, 2021

Job Description

We’re looking to hire a Quantum Cryptography Researcher to help us identify promising areas of cryptographic research to be leveraged by the Qfinity Labs platform. The ideal candidate will have experience researching post-quantum cryptography, along with a solid understanding of quantum information and/or quantum computing. Candidates with a proven track record of successfully conducting independent and original scientific research are strongly preferred. Due to our startup nature, the candidate must be comfortable initiating and taking on new projects independently and with limited supervision.

Principal Responsibilities

  • A PhD in Physics, Computer Science, Math, or related field strongly preferred (candidates without a PhD that nevertheless have a strong scientific research track record in a relevant field will be considered).
  • Research experience in post-quantum cryptography
  • Advanced knowledge of lattice- / LWE-based cryptographic primitives
  • Familiarity with quantum homomorphic encryption schemes, quantum obfuscation, or other related quantum cryptography areas is highly valued
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills


Candidate Requirements

  • Research experience in quantum-information / quantum-computing
  • Familiarity with near-term (or NISQ) algorithms
  • Knowledge of standard Python frameworks and libraries
  • Knowledge of SDKs for NISQ-era computers (QISkit, PyQuil, Cirq, etc


Submit your resume directly at

[email protected]

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