About Qfinity Labs

Founded in 2013, Qfinity Labs research and utilizes Quantum computers to develop state of the art trading algorithms which can beat the market consistently across all market conditions. Algorithms with different risk parameters are created to serve a wide group of customers with different risk profiles. 


The company’s flagship product is the “QuantumF1” algorithm, which has managed to beat the market consistently over 3 years, generating between 8-15% returns a month with minimal drawdown.


Looking ahead, we believe with the rise in the computing power of Quantum computing, trading algorithms can help each and every individual profit from the financial markets consistently in the near future without human intervention.

Our Mission & Vision

The only thing constant is this world is change, we have decided to fully embrace the Quantum era by improving our R&D capabilities, recruiting the brightest talents and never settling on our achievements.


Our mission is to develop world class Quantum Trading algorithms, which will help customers profit from the financial markets consistently without stress.


Our vision is for customers all over the world to be granted access to Quantum trading algorithms through cloud computing, allowing them to grow their wealth remotely as long as they have internet access.

Our Partners

“Beating the financial markets consistently requires you to have an edge over your competitors. Our edge is Quantum Computing Algorithms with Machine learning and Neural Network capabilities  ”


Dr David Moche
CEO of Qfinity Labs

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Think bigger, create faster and achieve more milestones with quantum computing. With the computational powers of quantum computers,  businesses and industries will be changed, forever.