Quantum: Building An
Infinite Future

About us

Qfinity Labs specialize in the research of quantum computers and development of algorithms which can consistently beat the market.

Quantum Computing

Machine Learning

Neural Network

The Company

Founded in 2013, Qfinity Labs researched and utilized quantum computers to solve real world issues in the financial markets. Their goal has been to develop state of the art algorithms which can beat the market consistently, across all market conditions.

The Machine

Complex problems require powerful computing. We make it possible for everyone to think bigger, create faster, and see further.

Quantum Computing in Finance

Imagine being able to make calculations that reveal dynamic arbitrage possibilities that competitors are unable to see. Beyond that, greater compliance, employing behavioral data to enhance customer engagement, and faster reaction to market volatility are just some of the specific benefits we expect quantum computing to be able to deliver.

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Machine Learning involves how quantum computers and other quantum processors can learn data patterns which cannot be learnt by classical machine learning algorithms to solve real world problems.


We can use a simple analogy of teaching a robot how to walk, to demonstrate the differences between 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation algorithms.